Tell-tale signs you’re an economist

…or you’ve spent too much time around economists

  1. You use the word ‘marginal’ in sentences
    • Worse sign: you don’t even notice when you’re doing so
  2. You’ve estimated your marginal rate of substitution between two goods (my most recent: coffee and chocolate bars)
  3. When you listen to political debates, all you can hear is the continual rent-seeking
  4. You’ve ever said ‘dwellings’ rather than ‘houses’, ‘households’ rather than ‘families’, or worst of all, ‘consumers’ rather than ‘people’
  5. You know at least half of the Greek alphabet (to be fair, this could also mean that you’re a mathematician or physicist)
    • Or you could be Greek
      • But then, you could also be a Greek economist (Greek economists  Greeks, Greek economists  economists, also Greek economists = economists  Greeks)
  6. You secretly attempt to track how many utils a given situation conveys
    • And if you disappear, your friends know that the calculation came out negative
  7. Something in the dark caverns of your mind shrieks ‘net present value!’ whenever you lend a friend money
  8. You collect data on your personal life
    • You time your route to work
    • Your cat’s pooping schedule is predicted to a narrow confidence interval (within 20 minutes of morning feeding, +/- 200 seconds)
    • Sports are reduced to statistics
    • There is an excel spreadsheet for your wardrobe items (sorted by function and then by price)
  9. Making lists gives you an inordinate amount of satisfaction

Any more ideas? Tell me in the comments!

3 Replies to “Tell-tale signs you’re an economist”

  1. You know you’ve spent too much time around probability theorists when you feel compelled to point out that Greek economists = Greeks ∩ economists, rather than Greeks ∪ economists…

    1. Ah, good catch! Rookie error. Maybe that’s another sign you’re an economist – knowing enough mathematics to want to show it off, but not enough to get it right 100% of the time… 😛

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