Daniel’s Bio


25 words or fewer to describe me? OK, here goes:

Daniel Thomason: Young economist recently finished honours at UOW. Interested in chess, cooking, exercise, travel, blogging, and games. Lives in Sydney, Australia with his partner and two cats.


Daniel Thomason, looking sharp

I grew up in Canberra, and still have a lot of affection for the city. It was popular amongst my peers to complain about the lack of nightlife, and many have mocked its soullessness. But when I look at Australia’s capital, I see a marvel of urban planning, and an excellent example of a union between nature and humanity.

At university, I started out studying maths and sociology (with french and psychology on the side, because where’s the fun in biting off less than you can chew, huh?). I enjoyed both – maths made sense, and was just so elegant, and sociology dealt with interesting topics and allowed me to take classes where we watched movies during lectures and called it research. After a year, however, it struck me that the path I was on didn’t seem quite right. I didn’t want to be a high school maths teacher or researcher, which at the time seemed like the only two career paths a degree in maths would open. Sociology held more promise, but it just wasn’t rigorous enough – too much talking, and not enough hard results.

So I turned apostate, and embraced economics.


As I mentioned above, I’ve just finished my honours degree at the University of Wollongong. My thesis was on the relationship between alcohol and crime (you can download a copy here). My primary area of interest is applied microeconomics, particularly in the context of education, crime, and health. In blog terms, that makes me something of a Freakonomist, with a shade of Marginal Revolutionary.

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, I’d love to hear from you – head to my contact page.