Stata and parentheses

Just ordered a personal copy of Stata 13 (I wanted to go all out and get Stata MP, but the little voice of reason in my head convinced me to buy a one-year licence for Stata IC instead), and two things have jumped out at me already.

  1. Man, it runs nicely on my new iMac. The computers at UOW weren’t too bad, and the IT department there keeps them on a reasonably generous upgrade cycle, but top-notch new tech makes a hell of a difference.
  2. This might be a new feature in Stata 13, or it might be due to the OS change (I used Stata in a windows environment for my honours), or I may just not have had the good sense to find and activate the feature before, but in my .do files selecting a parenthesis causes its partner to be highlighted in red. Seems simple, but already in my short life as an economist I have spent a non-trivial amount of time debugging my code only to discover that I either omitted or inverted a parenthesis somewhere. This small feature should therefore make a difference to my mental health in the long run.

Any other nice aspects of Stata 13 or Stata on a Mac OS that I should know about? Let me know in the comments section.