A present from the past – my time capsule

Lena and I were cleaning out the garage yesterday when she came across something we had completely forgotten about:


A time capsule! Prepared and hidden away by a much younger Daniel (whose handwriting is so similar to mine as to be almost indistinguishable). How it ended up in our garage in Alexandria rather than in the roof of young Daniel’s house is a story unto itself – stay tuned for that tale in a later blog post, maybe.

Anyway, it turned out that young Daniel had done an amazing job of sealing the time capsule. We had to bust out the canĀ opener to get it open, removing the bottom of what was formerly a shortbread tin:


Inside were all manner of treasures! What a discovery:


In case it’s not obvious from the visual, an inventory:

  • a photo of young Daniel
  • a mother-of-pearl shell (so pretty)
  • a Remembrance Day poppy
  • one of my favourite marbles (I just loved shiny things, okay?)
  • some stamps
  • a term program from my local church youth group
  • the comics and front page of the newspaper from the date of the time capsule’s creation (31/12/2002, as it turned out)
  • some seeds from Cosmos Sensation flowers sealed in an old TAB ticket (Dad used to collect them to use as scrap notepaper)
  • a letter

The letter ran to two pages, and had some good things to say. No testable hypotheses about the future, sadly, but the whole package did yield some interesting insights, of which a couple were:

  1. My sense of humour was just about fully developed by the age of 12. I have a better grasp of irony now than I did then, but other than that present Daniel and past Daniel would find one another hilarious.
  2. I was unbelievably investment-minded, even then – thus the stamps. I haven’t looked up their market value yet, but I feel like past Daniel might be disappointed with how little they’ve appreciated in the intervening 12 years…
  3. I have no idea about botany whatsoever – I’ve optimistically planted the seeds, but could not tell you at all whether they’re likely to grow. Would love to hear any advice you have on this front, to save me from disappointment.

Hope you liked taking that trip down memory lane with me and my time capsule. If you’d like to do something similar but don’t quite have the energy to make a physical time capsule, check out something like futureme – I highly recommend sending yourself a message in the future.

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